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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Raed Jarrar & CMAR II: A Correspondence

"Iraqi" blogger Raed has recently shut down his Comments section on his site. He claims this is because he is concerned about the "abusive comments" and fears about being sued. I found this funny because only a few weeks previously he had threatened to sue me for things he claimed I said in a blog. He also asked if I wouldn't mind (oh by the way) giving him my personal information so he could sue me.

The truth, as it turned out, was that Raed was about to apply for a work permit in the Imperialistic United States, and his blog comments section had attracted the lowest denominator in supporters of the Iraqi Insurgency. His brother, an insurgent supporter himself, had been arrested by the Iraqi counter-terrorist team just for perusing Raed's comments section for a few minutes. The police spent two minutes reading the bile posted there, and were convinced anyone who would read it must be a hardened bomb-planter. Obviously, his blog as it stood was not going to look good for his upcoming Green Card interview.

Raed is not Iraqi although his mother is. He is "Palestinian" because, I guess, that's what his father is. Most of his life has been spent outside of Iraq too. He cares little for Iraq or Iraqis as I judge from his blogs. He cares about Arab National identity. For those who don't know Arab Nationalism is the Fascism of the Middle East. It is a KEY reason that the region has slipped steadily toward the 19th century for the last 50 years.

This is MY side of a correspondence I had with Raed when he contacted me because I am a contributor to Iraqi Bloggers Central. He informed me that unless the said site stops identifying him as a Ba'athist on its sidebar or proves that he has at sometime joined the Ba'athist Party that he will sue me personally in court for making untrue statements about him. He did not quote any specific instances in which I state something about him that is untrue. Apparently, he sent the same emails to Jeffrey and Mister Ghost.

I began replying to him because I hoped to learn more about his specific background: the ways exactly his family benefited under the Saddam regime and so forth.

An so we begin:

Dear, dear, Raed,

Thank you for the heads up about your upcoming nuisance suit.

I would be anxious to correct any statement I have made about you that is untrue, but you must specify exactly *what* I have said that is untrue (as you will be required to do in court).

I don't recall ever saying you had joined the Ba'athist Party, so I can't take that back. I have said that you are a Saddamist and a Ba'athist. But in a practical sense, one no more needs to join a party to be a Ba'athist than one needs to join the American Socialist Party or the Iraq Communist Party to be a Socialist or Communist. I myself have been accused of being a "neoconservative" many times in the comments section of my blog (here -- you should check out the update section of that post) while in fact I am not a member of any political party of that name or any other and never have been (I don't have the time).

Of course, if your law suit ever comes to trial, I will bring as evidence the fact that your brother Khalid was suspected of being an insurgent by the Iraqi authorities simply for *viewing* your blog for a short time...these were officials who, according to Khalid's own testimony, could barely speak English and knew nothing of your blog beforehand, but they only had to read a few articles to be assured that they were these were the words of one who yearned for "The Return".

If you don't like being thought of as a Ba'athist, you should stop talking like one. Personally, I *don't* think you are merely a Ba'athist. I think you are a cheerleader for any dictatorship anywhere in the world: Saddam, Iran, Syria, Arafat's corrupt regime, and most recently the military dictatorship of Imperial Japan (prior to WWII).

Raed, unfortunately I'm not sure how this law suit will ever come off. Not even Jeffrey or Mister Ghost know who I am, nor do I know who they are or if they have ever met each other. So, as you can imagine, there is no way I would ever willingly provide my personal identity to a fellow-traveler and, in my opinion, financier of the black-hole-minded monsters blowing up cars on the streets of Iraq and targeting the families of Iraqi civil servants.

Keep up the good work my Ba'athist friend. No doubt you have proved to be valuable bait for the Iraqi authorities to identify the terrorists in their midst.



Raed responded with various insults and repeated claim that my statements were libelous, and more insults in an attempt to get me to give him my personal information. While his first missive was very legalistic, this next one was a positive barking rant. I responded:

Dear, dear, Raed,

Wow! Respond to the (current) morose and confused Raed, and get a reply from the (classic) off-his-lithium, drunk-off-his-ass Raed. Cool!

"1) [quote from Raed informing me that calling him a Ba'athist when I know he is not a Party member is a crime in Iraq]

In that case, you should sue me in the Iraqi courts. Welcome to America, Raed!

[quote from Raed that I should preface calling him a Ba'athist the words "in my opinion]

You sure do sound like a Ba'athist to me. (Ba'athism: The National Socialism of the Arab world!) You apparently also sound like a Ba'athist to the Iraqi security forces whose job it is to track down Saddam's Orphans (the violent sort however - not the "shaking his tiny fist at the world" sort like you).

Actually, you sound like a young man mourning his missed opportunity to slip Uncle Saddam a big slurpy tongue -- but that's just my opinion, of course. I don't have any evidence that you tried to join the "We Stuck Our Tongues Down Saddam's Throat Club" (WSOTDSTC), but were denied admission because you were too old.

Thanks for the permission to express my right of free speech, but I'll take advantage of it any way I please, thank you very much.

[quote from Raed that no one knows who I am (even my father) and everyone knows who he is (including my mother): he is Raed Jarrar]

"World-famous crack-pot and alcoholic extraordinaire!" "Boy-whore of murdering, kidnapping, criminal swine." "Bum-rugger and subsister on the mongrel dogs of the world" (like some kind of canine Jeffrey Dahmer). Yes, Raed, we all know you.

[Raed ask why don't I just give him my attorney's contact information.]

Because you are in bed with and financing (with what you don't steal from that kitty you call a "charity") the midge-witted crocodiles who kill decent Iraqis whenever they can find them. I would no more hand over my personal contact information to you than pet a rabid squirrel.

Besides all that, you don't have a case, and merely conversing with you is plenty of entertainment for me. [Note: As it turned out I overplayed my hand in saying this.]

Now that I have answered your questions, I have a couple of questions for you. Please don't take too much time to respond:

  • How are you paying your U.S. attorney?

  • Is your capitalist father fronting the money, O Principled One?

  • Or is the money coming from your "charity"?

  • Did you read this post of mine from last year? I'm curious about the
    special benefits you and your family may or may not have received from
    Saddam while the rest of Iraq languished under the U.N. sanctions.

  • Could you please refute or elaborate on the claim that Palestinians and other immigrants (including yourself) received special stroking from the government in order to buck-up Saddam's homicidal regime?

Your correspondent,



In his next email, Raed says he is responding to me because I am only adding to the evidence against me.

He says he has never read my blog because he does not read junk. He denies that he or his family have any connection direct or indirect, political or financial with the Iraq leadership and that I should beware making accusations without proof. [Note: Since to my knowledge Raed has never held a real job, where the avowed Socialist Raed gets his money is certainly worth thinking about. He's never mentioned robbing banks for a living or anything. So someone who works for a living must be giving it to him.]

He says he will sue me not under Iraqi law but under US law which takes into account the danger my claims place him in Iraq. He says his attorneys will take his case on the prospect of me paying damages to him and his attorney fees as well. (hee hee) He expresses his love of the American legal system.

And so my long response was:

Raed, Raed, Raed,

Well, "proof" one way or the other is what I'm trying to obtain. But you didn't quite answer my question. I can't believe you haven't read my blog, because if you think merely calling you a "100% National-Fuhrer-Approved, Uber-Ba'athists R Us" is libelous, you should definitely read every line of my blog for important evidence in your case.

In order to make things easier for you to answer question #2, I'll paste the text of what I've been told: [I quote from here:]

So how 'bout it? Can you confirm, deny, or elaborate on any of this? Did you or your family receive perks that were unavailable to average Iraqis based on your father's Palestinian status? Can you provide anymore information on advantages that Saddam provided to foreign Sunni Arabs and especially Palestinians?

Yes, usually I do [love the US legal system]. And I'm touched that you are an admirer of the American system. But from what you are saying, I'm thinking that someone may be taking advantage of you. Have you ascertained that your counselors' legal education consisted of more than watching every episode of the "Ally McBeal" TV show? Let me give you a broad overview of the definition of libel (in most jurisdictions):

The statement(s) must be published to at least one other person other than you the offended party. The statements must be "of and concerning" you. People reading the statement(s) must identify it specifically with you.

Well, that certainly applies.

The statement(s) must actually harm your reputation, instead of being merely insulting or offensive.

This is the first place you're going to have problems. See, your blog does far more than anything I, or anyone else, could say or do to identify you as a Ba'athist, as a Saddam wet-dreamer, as one who is filled with nostalgia for the old regime. As evidence, Iraqis who never heard of me thought the same thing when they monitored Khalid reading your blog. So you see, I have not harmed your reputation. The Ba'athist that lives in your mouth has already done that beyond any further damage.

The statement(s) must also be a false statement of fact.

What does that mean? They must be provably untrue. Name-calling, hyperbole, etc. is explicitly identified as being unprovable and so, is not applicable to a libel claim. In other words, you can't sue a person for calling you a name....such as Ba'athist. Because, even though it is a self-evident implication from your blog, it cannot be proven true or false.

Finally, the statement(s) must also have been made "with fault".

That's a complicated term. It means something like "you should have known better". "Fault" is determined primarily on the status of the plaintiff (that's you). In your case, people in the public eye, such as well-known individuals and people involved in specific public controversies, are required to prove actual malice.

That is another specific legal term which means someone positively knew his statement was false or recklessly disregarded the truth or falsity of his statement. Well, Raed, as you have told me, you are a very well-known individual. Not only do I not KNOW you are not a Ba'athist (or even whether or not you joined the Ba'athist Party), I firmly believe you are one in your heart. Nor have I recklessly disregarded your claims that you never joined the Ba'athist Party since as I have stated, it doesn't matter. Your Ba'athism is evident in your blog: that you gloat when harm comes to the elected Iraqi government, you rail against its viability, authenticity, credibility, and value, and you gleefully prophesy an Iraqi civil war. In fact, you stated that you not only expect a civil war, but that the U.S. should pull out and let that happen (have you deleted that post?).

Raed Jarrar = Ba'athist...and a host of other names I could provide.

[Raed also demanded I prove he has mishandled his charity's money. He warns me that I could be charged with the crime of not reporting a crime in progress.]

Okaaay, I will attempt to prove it if I can. Send me copies of all your paycheck stubs, tax records (you say you have "personal funds" -- so you have paying job, right?), PayPal bank account balances, and receipts since September of 2004. Mind, I don't know whether it is a crime for you take money from this charity for personal use. I can't imagine who has jurisdiction over it if it were. I doubt you've legally registered it as a non-profit organization. In short, these aren't public funds. If you spent most of it on a vacation with your girlfriend, that's probably the business of no court in the world unless you have failed to pay some required income tax. I doubt the cretins who sent you money would care one way or the other.

Also, in America, there is usually no law requiring anyone to report "a crime in progress" (except in some cases with stock brokers and lawyers). But, I don't know, after you send me all that stuff, perhaps I'll have a cause to report something to somebody.

I find it interesting that you have twice now neglected to deny that you are a financier of the terrorists either in providing them with food supplies or in direct funds. Which brings me to your penultimate statement:

[Raed urges me to put my trust in the US legal system and assures me that my personal information will stay between our lawyers.]

I'm already suspicious of the quality of your "lawyers", and anyway you would certainly have a right to any information your attorney has. Nevertheless, I want to assure you that I will never, never give personal information to a fellowtravelerr and financier of those walking apollyons that murder Iraqi civil servants and their family members for $1000 or less...who kidnap retarded children and force them to be murder-suicide bombers...who even trick their own compatriots into being murder-suicide bombers. These people are bottomless pits without evidence of humanity, and if someone chooses to provide aid to their cause (even as only an apologist), what possible assurances could that person give anyone?

[Raed says that if I took back my misstatements we could converse civilly and be friends.]

Actually, we've already conducted a far more civilized dialog with each other than I ever would have thought possible -- and that only happened (in part) because of the statements I've made about you. Without those statements we probably would never have conversed at all. For that reason alone, I'm not inclined to stop.
[There...I blew it right here. Raed cease to continue serious discourse because of that statement.]

But I'm not unreasonable. I'll tell you what, here is how you can make me change my conviction that you are a Ba'athist. On your next post on your blog write a detailed list of things happening in Iraq today that make you glad Saddam was removed by the Coalition forces. I'm not asking you to be happy with everything happening in Iraq today. I would just like to know what makes you happy Saddam is gone.

For example, if I were talking to Khalid, I would point out that he is now able to read blogs that disagree with his government, that he can legally have a blog of his own of that sort, and that if some errant police officer arrests him for that, he can say that it is his right to do those things...and saying that will get him released.

So how about you? What makes you happy that Saddam is gone?

Your Correspondent,


Raed tells me I am a nobody and to say hello to my mom and dad (if I can find him), and that he will not have anything more to say to me unless I give him my personal information. See? I got cocky and went too far. But I take a shot anyway:

Dear Ba'athist Raed (a.k.a The Terrorists' Fluffer),

Who am I? Apparently, I am the savager of the reputation of the highly regarded Raed Jarrar (world-famous crack pot and alcoholic extraordinaire)!

Things you didn't say in your last email:

  • Any denial that you and your family received special perks under the Ba'athist regime.

  • Any of the proofs I requested that your "charity" is a not a personal vacation fund/car-bomb kitty.

  • One single thing that makes you glad Saddam is gone.

I presume your silence springs from an uncharacteristic seed of honesty.

Your Correspondent,

Raed responds with a similar email and says that I will never move him from his "anti-Ba'athist/anti-Occupation ideas". Another comment about my mom and dad. But I'm not giving up yet. Maybe I can still draw him out:

Dear Ba'ath-boy (a.k.a. Saddam's Monkey),


My name is Keith Myass
(the last name is French so you have to put the inflection on the second syllable)

My address is the carbuncle on the dog's butt of your "good name". I realize that's not a precise location because your good name has two dog's butts -- one on each end.

Now that I've answered your question have there are some other things you have so far failed to note in your emails. In addition to:

  • No denial that you and your family received special perks under the Ba'athist regime.

  • None of the proofs that your "charity" is a not a personal vacation fund/car-bomb kitty.

  • Not one single thing that makes you glad Saddam is gone.


  • You neglected to note whether you have a job or if the "personal funds" you mentioned came from Daddy (Warbucks) Jarrar or from your Raed's Romantic World-wide Spree charity.

And since when have you ever staked out an "Anti-Ba'athist position?? That's pathetic.

If you are not a Ba'athist then please explain this picture of you and Saddam together:

Your Correspondent,



Now Raed is just sending the same email over and over. I keep trying:

Hey Fluffer!

I loved the reference in your last post to the "mistakes" Saddam made. LOL At least 300,000 mistakes buried in mass graves. Not to mention all the money (designated for food and medicine) that Saddam stole to pass extra pats to Palestinians and other Arabs with foreign visas...and the constant fear Iraqis lived in that they might DREAM something revolutionary (but you didn't have to worry about that.).


That's a good one.

So the answer is that you you can't think of ONE thing that makes you glad Saddam is gone.

Talk to you later, Saddamy!

Your Correspondent,


P.S. My mom says she DOES remember you! I'm attaching a picture she had of the two of you.


Raed resent his previous email (without the mention of my mother this time).

I gave the project up for lost.


  • First of all I would like to applaud you on showing Ba'athist Raed , a.k.a The Terrorists' Fluffer, a.k.a. Saddam's Monkey what "Freedom of Speech" is all about. Personally, I don't want that piece of trash in our country and am hoping that our government makes sure his stay is well monitored with our own "minders". With all of his rantings about evil America, he should keep in mind the fact that if our country was run like Sadaam's, he would not be "living" here. Keep up the good work.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:55 AM  

  • Thanks Christine! It was my pleasure. Honestly.

    By Blogger CMAR II, at 6:31 PM  


    Cry Me a River Gate!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:56 AM  

  • CMARII You are a sad waste of this worlds valuable and fragile resources.

    By Blogger Low Flying Angel, at 5:28 AM  

  • Well, Janice, fortunately there are still plenty of countries for the US to invade and steal their resources to make more of me.

    By Blogger CMAR II, at 7:08 PM  

  • CMAR,

    Not that I don't believe you, but I think it would be a good idea to actually quote Raed's emails (i.e. copy and paste).. I'm curious what exactly he said myself.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:55 PM  

  • Anonymous,

    I can understand your curiosity. But I'm sure you understand that I draw line on posting private emails verbatim. Since this is ostensibly a legal matter, I felt I had more leeway in posting our thread and giving the "gist" of Raed's side of it. I will only post his emails verbatim if Raed gives his consent (or makes a request) for me to do so.

    MY emails are MY property however, so I can do what I like with them including posting them and providing the general context that prompted each of them.

    Rest assured Raed knows about this post and if he makes a request to have his side of the thread published, I will do it...eagerly.

    Until then, I can only assure you that his side of conversation is acurately represented here to the degree I consider appropriate and "fair" to Raed.

    By Blogger CMAR II, at 2:24 PM  

  • Thanks for your reply. :-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:54 PM  

  • I don't understand why he didn't out you, everyone knows you're a marxist agent provocateur. He must have more integrity then you do. You should let him sue you, that way it will be easier to channel your money to Iraq's children, which is where you want the money to go anyway.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:32 AM  

  • He must have more integrity then you do.

    Wow Truer Truth that comment would hurt if it weren't totally absurd.

    Raed's level of integrity is like absolute zero. Not a physically attainable level and certainly not breachable.

    By Blogger CMAR II, at 11:12 PM  

  • OMG What absolutly delish dish! I enjoyed every last bite. ;)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:50 PM  

  • CMAR II,

    Great fun to read your writing. Thank you and keep it up.

    P.S. check out Victor Davis Hanson

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:13 PM  

  • Dude !

    You're the BOMB!!

    I LOVED how you dice up this guy!

    I agree, I also think "Time Bandits" is a wonderful film. Especially the game show host part where the devil snatches the map, it's soooo how liberals act....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:12 PM  

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