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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Thursday, August 25, 2005

What If It Happened To You?

This is Unrealist Retort #457:

Q: What if the United States were invaded by another nation? What they overthrew your leaders and imposed the sort of government they liked? What if their soldiers were driving through your streets telling people what to do?

CMAR II, you are a patriotic American. So what would you do about that? Wouldn't you rise up and throw the invaders out?

This is just the sort of question I would expect from an Unrealist. Let me ask a similar question:

Q: If a doctor tried to inject you with morphine and cut open your chest would you:

  • Try to defend yourself
  • Thank him for saving your life

A: That would depend on whether or not I was having a heart attack. The difference in my medical condition would determine whether this hypothetical doctor was Jack the Ripper or Dr Kildare.

See? So here is my answer to Unrealist Query/Retort #457:

A: IF I had lived under a stalinist dictator like Saddam for three decades and Saddam Hussein HIMSELF:

  • Sent troops that overthrew my dictator
  • Established general freedom of speech and thought for the first time
  • Oversaw free elections and a democratic constitutional process within 21 months

THEN I would put a bullet in the head of any so-called Red-Blooded American who tried harm my liberators. (To say nothing of people who would kill Americas new civil-servants, police, and national security forces.)

Simply put: If the DEVIL sent his imps to do those things, they would be angels to me.

Anyone who prefers his nation, party, race, ethnicity, heritage, or religion (as he sees it) over liberty of mind and voice for himself and others has allied himself in his heart to evil, whatever else he might call it.

Let me say it one more time:

Tyrannical dictators are by definition illegitimate. It does not matter who you are or what you've done before or why you are doing it: if you depose a tyrant and replace him/her with a representative democracy it is always legitimate and righteous. It needs no further qualification. It doesn't justify everything or even anything else you do, but *that* act is pure, unadulterated justice.


  • You should ask the question more like this and it will be a more precise analogy...

    Q: If a doctor you didn't approve of stormed into your house one night, forced elective surgery on you at gunpoint... without anesthetic... then failed to close the wound afterwards... and then blew up your car, house, family and dog with 30KLB bombs while flying invisibly by in an F-117A Nighthawk... and then began dictating how you will now run your house... and then raped, tortured and killed friends of yours in prison... and then gave 90% of it's foreign aid to your mortal enemy who also happened to be the 16th wealthiest family on the block... and said doctor was in violation of it's own Constitution the whole time and is progressively getting worse... and so on and so on... would you be a little pissed or what? Seriously, because that is the real situation that toeing the Republican party line has caused you to overlook. The US has no authority in Iraq. The Iraqis want the US out. By all standards, overstaying your welcome is considered extremely rude, if not criminal. Now wake up from that radical conservative daydream you are wandering in and pay attention to whats happening before it's too late.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:07 PM  

  • Anonymous,

    The Iraqis do not want us out immediately. Of course they want us out when the job is done. The US wants us out then too.

    I realize there are some Iraqis who want us out now: those that want a civil war, believing it will give them a chance to end up on top. There are others outside of Iraq who want us out now too: those who are ideologically committed to Iraq failing so they can say "I told you so" and so no one will say it to them.

    If we are going to carry on the analogy, you are like someone entering the operating room half-way through shouting "Look what you've done to him! His chest is cut open! His rib-cage has been split! You've done enough damage here! Just leave now and let him solve this situation by himself!"

    By Blogger CMAR II, at 2:36 PM  

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