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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Monday, January 31, 2005

Egyptian Sandmonkey To Raed: "Go F*** Yourself"

Sandmonkey just discovered Raed Jarrar. A whole new world is about to open up to him.

To Raed (who is half-Palestinian) he says:
You remind me of this other dude that I was reading yesterday, who was going on and on how this election is illegitimate cause it is done under occupation. So following that same logic, Abu Mazen’s* victory is illegitimate as well? Last I checked where he was campaigning it’s called the “occupied territories”. That must make him an illegitimate Palestinian president then. That makes perfect sense. Or doesn’t. whatever

*Abu Mazen was just elected President of the Israeli occupied West Bank

He also correctly points out that the picture Raed put at the top of his post (claiming that the high turnout was due to Iraqis being denied their ration cards if they didn't vote -- apparently 35% of Iraqis don't care if they eat) is of a woman in Najaf who is CRYING TEARS OF JOY after voting. I thought I was the only person to notice that.

To see this and other pictures go to http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6887461/site/newsweek/

You'll also see a picture of a man receiving medical attention after being shot in the face by one of Khalid Jarrar's glorious insurgents for showing up to vote.


  • CMAR,

    Actually, it's worse than that. Raed purloined that photograph from ANOTHER IRAQI BLOGGER, Husayn from Democracy in Iraq.

    How low is that?

    Husayn snaps the photo. Raed grabs it and surrounds it with text making it look like her tears are ones of anguish.

    Whew! I used to tolerate Raed because I have an incurable fondness for smartasses, but Raed has just become a fascist to me now.


    By Blogger Jeffrey, at 11:02 AM  

  • As I said previously, miserable, cynical and pesimistic bloggers Raed, Khalid and R'bend must be pretty upset and whilst they were crying tears of torment, the decent Iraqis cried tears of joy whilst showing their courage and determination as they walked into the polling stations.

    We must remember that tyrant-worshippers like those 3 will never be happy with democracy and so they'll find any old excuse (like the pathetic 'ration card' one) to show how sadly brainwashed they are. Is there any hope for such weak-minded people who cannot stand to live unless a tyrant is towering above them and telling them to obey or else........?

    This weakness in character is manifested by the fact that they do not allow 'comments' on their blogs. On second thoughts, who reads them anyway?!

    Be safe always, CMARII.

    Forward with the new Iraqi Constitution and
    Long live the voice of freedom and democracy in our beloved Iraq despite the sub-humans and terrorists.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:31 PM  

  • Ah, I hadn't thought of the 35% that didn't vote as not caring whether they eat or not. If that ration card thin were true then the turnout would have been even larger.

    As for those disrupting the voting why do the disruptors seem to be other than iraqis? Besides the whiners on their blogs and the murderers that exploded on people were there any protests by Iraqis against the election?

    By Blogger Kender, at 10:10 AM  

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