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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Friday, December 31, 2004

Trouble At Iraqi Elections Blog.

There seems to be an insurgency over at Iraqi Elections Blog. Unrealist Khalid Jarrar (of Tell Me A Secret) is one of the contributors there, and yesterday, Khalid posted a link to his most recent blog claiming that elections would be a provocation to civil war.

One day, someone is going to get Khalid to admit that all he wants is a civil war and to have Saddam reinstated.

In the comments section, I wrote:
Why give Khalid Jarrar a voice at all on a page devoted to the Iraqi elections? He doesn’t want elections. He believes (ahem) that elections will provoke violence and civil war (what’s going on now?). He would have rather seen Iraq go without elections entirely for the forseeable future rather than have someone from the “outside” take down Saddam Hussein’s regime. Khalid is a reactionary and you cannot wedge a strand of hair between his political alliegances, desires, plans, and worldview and those of the ex-Republican Guard working with the Islamofascists blowing up power lines, water treatment plants, kidnapping NGO workers, and killing Iraqi policemen.

My point is, why is Khalid Jarrar’s view of the upcoming elections any more worthwhile than Zarqawi’s?

Then top contributor Stephen appended a comment to Khalid's post (rather than simply placing it in the comments page). Khalid then posted an outrage at this action and a demand that Stephen remove his...er...appendage!

I posted a comment to Khalid's new post saying that I thought Stephen was being too generous with Khalid already.

Within a couple hours, Khalid's complaining post was removed, but Stephen's comment remains. Hmmmm...I really would have liked to see the emails flying between Stephen and Khalid.


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