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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Glance Back

I've suggested (based on information provided in Riverbend's blog) that Riverbend's family were important members Saddam's regime. I suggested at that time that she got her cushy IT job through her family connections and therefore lost it when Iraq was liberated and her family lost their positions in the Saddam's Orwellian kleptocracy. If you ask, "why should that matter?" I'll answer that you might as well ask why should we not accept the Bush Twins' opinions on merits of John Kerry as those of impartial informed observers.

It seems I was not the first to question Riverbend's credibilty or to suspect she was a Saddam booster. Ays at Iraq at a Glance on December 9, 2003:
it is obvious that you are one of “ Al-Mtannigain”, ( in Iraqi slang, it means: a haughty person with arrogance-look, as all of Saddamists were!).

Apparently "al-Mtannigain" was a pejorative name for someone closely connected to Saddam's regime. Gee, that's as good a term as "Unrealist". (He politely does not mention Riverbend's name, but he's fisking this post)

CMAR II says "Check it out".


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