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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Monday, December 13, 2004

Riverbend grumbles because gasoline is hard to get

She grumbles about oh so many things.

Riverbend, here's how you can do your part to improve things with the shortages. Every Iraqi gets to keep an AK-47 in their home. Next time you see terrorists hiking through your Arab Sunni neighborhood with an IED or RPG, poke that rifle out the window and shoot one in the head.

If each Iraqi who is sick of shortages and chaos would purpose to shoot one terrorist, there would soon not be a problem.

Many Iraqis are putting their lives on the line in the ING and the police force (not to mention, but I should, working for the water utility and oil production departments of the government). These are the heroes of Iraq. We need more. It seems to me that neighborhoods that shelter these guys are the enemies of Iraq and it is the job is the Iraqis to fix.

[Addendum] Incidentally, I meant to mention that Riverbend is complaining about spend $1 big fat dollar for a gallon of gas (which is about half of what Americans pay after taxes). Saddam was driving the economy of Iraq into the ground by selling it for 5 cents a gallon. The IPG has continued subsidizing the gas while slowly incrementing it up. I discussed this previously here.

Riverbend yearns for a return to the days of Saddam.


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