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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Monday, December 06, 2004

Hammorabi Reports Outrageous Sectarian Attacks

He declares that it is time for a no-holds barred onslaught againts the the terrorists and their supporters. I agree that that is needed, and I have said that Iraq will have no peace until these beasts - who cannot and will not benefit Iraq in life - benefit their country by fertilizing it with their bodies.

However, I hope the Shiia and Kurds do not forget that there are plenty of Sunni Arabs (like Zeyad) who are of vital importance to Iraq's future.

Then there are those like Riverbend and Raed who feel the same way as the monsters, but they are not like them and can be put to work in the new Iraq however grudgingly.

What the terrorists want to do is provoke a civil war. They would rather see the country in flames than see its liberation successful. What they most fear is not death, but elections - the Iraqi people unified without any further need of masters.

Elections are to these fiends what sunlight is to vampires.

Bring on the elections!

Iraqis, get out and vote! Campaign for your parties! A ballot is as good as a bullet in freeing Iraq from these brain-diseased vermin.


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