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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Monday, June 28, 2004

Raed Screed

From Jordan, Raed writes:
in a great, huge festival...
the handover of the authorities took place in a small shelter in one of the basements of the green zone.
bremer, the new ugly Iraqi "president", the cia agent "P.M.", another couple of losers were standing in a small circle at the sunrise, clapping their hands and trying to smile

some hours later, bremer ran away in a black military plane

god, dont you call this a historical carnival?
in arabic we say, "sharro el balyyati ma yodhek", the worst catastrophes make you laugh

Yes, this would be funny...considering the fact that Raed's whole family has run away to Amman. But upon the realization that had Bremer stayed, Raed would then be touting this as further proof that the handover was a sham...it is clear that even in Raed's own mind (if there is a soul in there somewhere) this is the rankest propaganda and there is little confusion regarding for whom Raed is working: for The Return and its Zarqawi allies who are blowing up cars on busy streets, beheading innocents for the crime of being less protected than military bases, terrifying Iraqis, delaying Iraq's march toward prosperity.

Run away, little Raed, run away.


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