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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Raed Finally Cracks Up

Thanks to Hard Harry for notifying me that Raed's last little finger-hold on the cliffs of Mt. Sanity has finally given way. We knew it had to happen eventually. Some said it happened long ago. I'm talking about his latest post.

I'm hesitant to go into this because I know Jeffery is already feverishly working on his analysis of this cry for help. Also, the post is so loopy that it doesn't provide me much opportunity for summing it up with my own perspective. Usually, I like to talk about what a post made me think about rather than just fisk the post itself. But my primary reaction to Raed's latests is "Whaaaa...??" It completely speaks for itself: Raed is a totally nuts.

But I can't help it. This is the moment this blog has been waiting for:
In another world
I wish that saddam wasn’t so arrogant and stupid
In another world
I wish he didn’t attack Iran and Kuwait
In another world
I wish he didn’t give the bush administration excuses to come and occupy Iraq
And in another world
I wish that the Iraqi army could defend our country and stop the American unjustified attack.
But what can I say, we are all living in THIS world.
Saddam was our national leader,
And yeah, I know I know…
he was a dictator,
he was stupid and self-destructive
but he was our national leader, that I didn’t enjoy any external forces to come and change
So Raed says Saddam was "stupid and self-destructive". He had a nasty habit of invading Iraq's neighbors (the cute lil' greedy, power-mad monster that he was). He was a dictator. But he was MY greedy, power-mad monster dictator. Why can't you just leave him alone. (boo-hoo!)

Exactly what would Saddam have had to do for Raed to think "external forces" were justified in removing him?
I used to be an anti-Saddam during the time of the national Iraqi government, and I am still having huge critiques on how was he ruling the country,,,
But he was a national leader, and more a phenomena than a person.
A phenomenon that Iraq must go through to reach to a better future.
I used to have faith in the Iraqi government, and used to conceder it as a base that can be enhanced in the next decades, maybe giving us one of the first national democratic governments in the Arab world.

Here Raed flatly denies my recent posit that he was a Saddam-supporter before the liberation. BUUUUUUUUT....then he qualifies that denial. He actually claims to have believed that Saddam was a route to "one of the first national democratic governments in the Arab world". So which is it? Having a little more experience with democracies than Raed, I can assure him that the most dependable route to a democracy is not an Orwellian terror regime. I can only explain this craziness if he thought Uday and Qusay were closet democrats just waiting for the old man to kick off to install a constitutional government....anyone else buying that?

More than that, Raed used to believe the Iraqi government could deliver an Iraqi democracy....when Saddam was running it. Eight months from Iraq's first election, Raed has lost all hope in democracy for Iraq.

But just when you thought Raed had reached the rock bottom the sea of Inasnum Profundus, Raed manages to fall into a chasm:
I still have this faith in the Iranian government, that has better potentialities of having internal revolutions and evolution, a government that can produce a real national democracy on the long run.

Yes, you read that right. The newly created Iraqi government will not provide a the democracy Raed hopes for...that will most likely come from the mullahs in Tehran. You just can't win Raed's trust unless you're an oppressive dictatorship on the verge of an international outrage. The Iranian government has its own ideas about liberal democracy, Raed.
From my point of view, as a secular Muslim, I am fighting against fundamentalists and right-winged clerics, BUT I will defend them in the time they are attacked by extruders.

Who does this noble "secular muslim" intend to defend the Iranian mullahs from? Who are the extruders? The oppressed Kurds in Iran? No. Saddam? I don't think so...after all, Saddam was Raed's "national ruler". Then who will our secular muslim defend the mullahs against? Why, infidels of course!
Very paradoxical and controversial, right? :*)

Yes. (Don't make any sudden moves)
ok, just try to follow me

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.
Bush said that he must change saddam, and he doesn’t have anything to do with against the Iraqi people.
Some believed him, and I didn’t.
Bush said that Iraq has WMD, I didn’t see that as a crime because the administration of bush has these weapons too, the Israeli regime has these weapons too, so why be eclectic and ask Iraq alone to be WMD-free?

Ah! A question! CMAR II frantically waves his hand in the air. When he's not called on he blurts out, "Because Iraq was unique in all the world in that it was forbidden to have such weapons as part of the cease-fire of the war that drove it out of Kuwait! Saddam was only too happy to agree to such stipulations because the US forces had the Republican Guard surrounded in southern Iraq and was basically parked outside the gates of Basra! You must have learned all this in your history lessons at school in Iraq..." Raed continues as though he didn't hear anything.
But whatever…
I didn’t even believe that Iraq really had WMD, some people believed bush though.
Next, the war started, destroyed everything related to the government, and everything related to the public sector.
I saw that as a systematic way of changing the economical regime, others thought it was a small mistake.
Next, bush said that they are coming as liberators.
Next, bush said that they are an occupation force!
Next, he put some moppets and told us those are our brand new government…
Next, he left everything burning,
And now, he is happy that the Iraqi people are getting their freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That the Iraq people are getting rid of the “OCCUPATION”

Waitaminute, I'm lost already. At first I thought Raed was leading us on a path where things got progressively worse and then the Iraqis end up in chains. But Raed has ended this story with the Iraqis getting freedom and getting rid of the "occupation". What gives? Also...everything is burning after a new government is installed? I knew this would happen...I'm hopelessly lost. And I think Raed ditched me.
When I speak about bush, I mean all the narrow-minded racist neo-cons supporting him too.
I just want to give the right discretion of what happened…
Iraqis need decades to have their freedom now, their social, economical, political and military freedom.
I see that the only reason for this war was destroying Iraq as an anti-globalization country, and as an anti-Israel government.

Okay. Now I'm feeling an urge to belittle Raed. I'm going to take a deep breath and try to restrain myself.

Iraq is an anti-globalization country?? How so? And exactly how does Raed define "freedom"?. I get a real sense that Raed has been reading some kind of political philosophy in which normal everyday words like freedom, globalization, what-have-you, all have different, even opposite meanings from the expected ones. He definitely needs to define his terms on his next post.
I see that the destruction bush made to Iraq is incomparable to any destruction Iraq witnessed since centuries.
I see that Iraq is destroyed demographically and socially, and it is going to its way to more destruction.
But I see that the bush administration, won this war, like any other empires did since the dawn of history, and I see that it is MY responsibility to liberate and reconstruct my country…

Well, you had better hurry Raed, or else the Coalition and the American taxpayers will have it reconstructed before you get back. It will be liberated too (by everyday usage, that is...you may mean something different from freedom of speech, religion, thought, etc.)
I am not asking for much, right?
Just want to call things by their real name
Just want to make it clear, that no one gave me my freedom

Well, Raed, if you were pretty much free during Saddam's reign...and your sense of optimism about it suggests things weren't too bad for you then...I suppose you and Saddam have this in common: The Coalition didn't free you. Good for you.
And that I must understand that we, Iraqis, were defeated by the roman empire of our time, and we won’t expect or beg for help from this evil occupying administration.
1516? UN? What the hell…My Palestinian grandfather used to memorize a bunch of numbers too.

How about if "the roman empire of our time" just gives the help anyway.
American people and Iraqi people can work together to fix the disasters their governments did,
We can work together, after the neo-cons are kicked out of office.
We can work together after understanding and admitting that what happened was a catastrophe,
and after understanding that if we didn’t fix this together, our next generations won’t live in peace and will NEVER work together.

Hold on a minute, Raed...um...wha...but...ARE YOU ASKING FOR HELP FROM THE UNITED STATES???!!!

As I said I have nothing to offer here. This what he said...it appears to be a hopeless case...I wish I could think of something pithy to say about this.


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