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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Friday, June 25, 2004

Elections in November? Not just in America...

Prime Minister Allawi is calling for elections as early as November.


Raed put out a remarkably coherent post today. Same old thing, but you can imagine him saying it in a calm, sober voice.

Raed is unimpressed by the approaching hand-over of political sovereignty. Like Osama bin Laden's opinion of infidels on Saudi Arabian soil, Raed says Iraq will not be liberated until every member of the multinational force leaves:
Doesn’t it need a bit more to announce our liberation? The handover of the small-boring-administrative-responsibilities to some selected groups of Iraq employees (guards, policemen, ministers, president) is not going to change anything on the ground for Iraqis. The real authorities and decision makers aren’t going to leave the fence of the green zone.

He complains about the multinational force not living in tents:
The handover of the authorities is a small pathetic play that shouldn’t distract us from the real thing happening on the ground. When the neo-cons attacked Iraq last year they introduced themselves as liberators, and that’s why most of the Iraqis and some of the American people believed them, and believed in them, but now comes the time that both of us, Iraqis and Americans, should work hard to give Iraq its freedom back, to stop building permanent military bases in Iraq, and to change this colonial strategy in keeping Iraq under the American political and economical control.

He calls the multinational force's bases "a cancer in the body of the new Iraq".

But then Raed doesn't believe there is a new Iraq. He's already establishing a case for attacks on the new Iraq government to be really attacks on Americans:
I have a clear position towards the thing happening at the end of this month. As a secular person with national beliefs, I don’t see the bush administration step at the end of this month anything more than a political trick that will add more confusion to the world about the reality of what is happening in Iraq, it will start a new chapter of what will appear as an Iraqi-Iraqi conflicts and clashes, which is in real an Iraqi American one, but with Americans hiding behind Iraqis.

And Iraqis working for a new, free, and prosperous Iraq being killed by THE RETURN and Islamist terrorists. Don't forget that, Raed.
Raed is surely in the minority, I suspect, in not looking forward to the trial of Saddam:
This will come along with other distracting moves like starting the Iraqi Hollywood: The Saddam Trial.

Whatever, even though Kerry has vowed to carry on the Bush plan for Iraq, Raed will only grant us his precious optimism regarding Iraq if Bush is not re-elected. Then it will be okay for Iraq to succeed. But not otherwise:
Both of us, the Iraqi and the American people, need another administration with different ideologies to start rebuilding the Iraq-American (and maybe the Arab-American) destroyed relations.

Hmmm....I hope my posts on Raed's craziness are not causing him to stop drinking before writing. This "sober Raed", this "same only more boring Raed" is a little disappointing. Raed would have every right to be exasperated at me for saying so, but...drink up, Raed!


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