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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Monday, December 06, 2004

Spiegel Editors Add Their Voices To the Call To Put Off Elections

A UN official says the same thing. Raed calls the elections "fake" (ha ha). It is interesting that those with an ideological investment in Iraq's failure are those first to call for the elections to be put off.

Look, the terrorists will always be ready to provide reasons to put off the elections. They've killed at least 70 this weekend. Doing so because of their murders would only encourage them to kill more people. The Iraqis must have the elections now. We can think about expedited follow-up elections later, but putting off the current ones is only likely to get more people killed.


Anyway, if Raed is against them, the January elections are probably a good thing.

Meanwhile, Canada will send monitors for the elections, although they probably will not provide troops to increase security.


  • CMAR: I did see the interview, and I heard today that Canada has snubbed Putin. Putin asked for no foreign interference in the Ukrain, but Canada is staying in to help monitor the election process.

    I knew our military forces were that low, it's been happening for years!
    5,000 or so troops to defend 32 million?

    That's what is so laughable to me!!! Just who the hell would we turn to the first time we are attacked?!?! Yup, just like the rest of the world when they get into trouble, expect the good old USofA to come to the rescue!

    And by firing that Parrish bitch, he has shown some backbone!

    Perhaps the light is finally dawning up here! One can dream can't we?

    By Blogger Leap Frog, at 10:14 PM  

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