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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Riverbend Posts

Without anything to talk about she only grumbles and rumor mongers:
I don't know about the chemical weapons. [...] I keep having flashbacks of that video they showed on tv [...] There was one brief video that showed [...] this old man leaning against the wall and there was blood running out of his eyes- almost like he was crying tears of blood. What 'conventional' weaponry makes the eyes bleed?

Possibly any bomb if you're close enough. But one must question whether she saw any such thing in that "brief video". Riverbend? Have you ever seen what a car bomb does to the eyes of children? Have you seen what a pistol does to a CARE workers hair-do? Have you seen how a sharp knife can wrinkle your collar?
The wounded in Falloojeh aren't getting treatment and today we heard about a family with six children being bombed in the city.

How could it be that families of terrorists get bombed? Because the Terrorists keep their children close to bring them into the family business. See here.
The situation in Baghdad isn't a lot better. Electricity has been particularly bad. Our telephone has been cut off for the last week which has made communication (and blogging) particularly difficult. The phone difficulties are quite common all over Baghdad. It usually happens in an area after a fresh bombing.

See here for the truth about Riverbend's electricity complaints. So the phones go out after the terrorists start mortaring and cutting lines. Hmmmm...I wish I could figure out why that happens.
Around 10 days ago, there were a series of very large explosions in our area and the third or fourth one took out three of the windows on one side of the house.[...]A'miriyah, A'adhamiyah, Ghazaliyah and Haifa to name a few. The rest of us just get our usual dose of daily explosions and gun fire.

Some of the poor Fallujehns, no doubt. On vacation in your neighborhood. Well, keep your eye on those MNFs and the INGs. We wouldn't want those tourists made to feel unwelcome.
Elections are a mystery. No one knows if they'll actually take place and it feels like many people don't want to have anything to do with them.

Well, of course they'll take place, but that so many people around you don't want to participate tells us the crowd you run in.
They aren't going to be legitimate any way. The only political parties participating in them are the same ones who made up the Governing Council several months ago.

Here's a list of the Parties submitting lists. Seems like a pretty broad collection to me. If you want to participate, Riverbend, start a Party and submit a list.
Allawi, in spite of all his posturing and posing, has turned himself into a hateful figure after what happened in Falloojeh.

Sure he has. To you and the terrorists.

As long as he is in a position of power, America will be occupying Iraq. People realize that now. He's Bush's boy. He has proved that time and again and people are tired of waiting for something insightful or original to come from his government.

Like elections?


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