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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Iraq Shi'a Cleric Campaigns for Secular Governance

IraqPundit posts on a Shi'a Cleric Iyad Jamaleddin. His POV is no surprise if you are familiar with Ayatolla Sistani's Shi'a branch that believes imams should not be involved in politics.

"not because I'm against religion, but because I want to safeguard religion. Some politicians ask me how could you say such things while you're a clergyman. It's because I'm a clergyman that I want to defend my religion."

IraqPundit notes:
Jamaleddin, who praises the virtues of dance and soccer (unlike Al Sadr, who regards soccer as a Zionist plot), believes that Iraqi secularism was reflected in the national reaction to the Iraqi singer, Shada Hassoun. Her recent triumph on "Star Academy," the Arab world's version of "American Idol," was wildly celebrated by all Iraqis regardless of sect.

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