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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Monday, November 22, 2004

Kevin Sites Attempts To Explain His Actions

I was already aware of Kevin Sites as a war reporter who attempted to be fair and balanced with the troops. I will attest that and concur with him in that regard.

He seems to be saying "The soldier may have done what he was trained to do (but maybe not). I did what I was trained to do as a reporter - deliver a scoop." (these are my words)

However, still as I maintained here, in another war against evil, the reporters of legend saw things differently. Then again, back then the military heavily censored everything reporters sent back, so knows?

Whatever. What's done is done. We shall see how the tragedy of the killing of this harmless, innocent terrorist plays out for this young Marine.

[UPDATE] American Soldier posts an open letter to Kevin Sites. AS and I seems to think a lot alike. I wonder if he has the other half of this talisman...


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