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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fallujehn Terrorist Song Translated

It was translated by Ladybird and posted by Keld Bach's Press Cutting.

It begs to be fisked.

Disclaimer: Note that I made modest corrections of grammar in LB's translation - but I do recognize that she speaks English a heck of a lot better than I speak Arabic. Also, neither LB or Keld claim to be endorsing the sentiments behind this song, they are just reporting. By the same token, I'm not responding to them, only to the writers of this song.


Long live the people of Fallujha
We will write it in poems
The whole people of Anbar cheers them
With God's support and their effort our city is protected
They hit America where it hurts

Long live the people of Fallujha
Every one is as a wolf
If they locked the enemy, they will never fall with shooting,
All women get pregnant and deliver
But nothing like the mothers of Fallujha:
They deliver heroes

"US and Iraqi troops have discovered kidnappers’ lairs filled with corpses or emaciated prisoners half-mad with fear, and piles of bodies of men who had refused to fight with the insurgents. As the guerrillas run their last sprint from death, sympathy for their cause is running out among

What can you say on the people of the city
Who protected their borders
And painted the “White House” in black-prayers
The people of Fallujha, they don’t need witnesses
All the media talking about their achievement

Hey! Guardian! Le Monde! New York Times!
Al-Jazeerah! MSM! They're talking about you!

The news from Fallujha is joyful
The soil of city became a grave to our enemy
Fire surround the city and the city is just like an oven for them
We will disembowel them [the enemy]

In the south of Fallujah yesterday, US Marines found the armless, legless body of a blonde woman, her throat slashed and her entrails cut out. Benjamin Finnell, a hospital apprentice with the US Navy Corps, said that she had been dead for a while, but at that location for only a day or two. The woman was wearing a blue dress; her face had been disfigured. It was unclear if the remains were the body of the Irish-born [humanitarian] aid worker Margaret Hassan, 59, [...] married [an Iraqi] and held Iraqi citizenship.

Long live the men who offer themselves and their blood
We will write them poems and build memorials to them
The men who stand very firm deserves a statue

Cheers to the men who aren't afraid of death
And walked into the fire e
ach one equal hundred
If they hear the call, the people of Fallujha will be there if you need them

Cheers to the men who always have been followed by vultures.

It's a little too easy to say why those vultures are really following them

I pray for the people who don’t sleep to keep the effort
Of implementing horror and shock in the heart of the enemy
They rise all against the enemy's aggression

"They kidnapped a wounded policeman from the hospital and cut him into pieces and then hung him up..."

They became a fire and a smoke in the eyes of the enemy

Parts of Mosul were set ablaze last week when insurgents ransacked and torched about 10 police stations in coordinated attacks, panicking police who abandoned their posts.
The policemen, discovered in an industrial area not far from the scene of some of the worst clashes in Mosul, appeared to have been killed by a bullet to the head, an AFP correspondent said.

Four of the corpses were also badly burned, the correspondent said. Senior Iraqi and US military sources said they probably belonged to an Iraqi army unit that had joined US troops for a massive onslaught against insurgents in the country's third-largest city. With US attack helicopters and soldiers covering them, Iraqi national guardsmen retrieved the bodies.

"These are not my men. They all have IDs from outside Baghdad. It seems they had been on leave and were returning to their barracks," said Lieutenant Colonel Ammar Abdelhadi.

A witness said he saw gunmen execute some of the men who were found dead.

Their deeds are just like praying and fasting Ramadan
Their deeds make us stand tall their deeds are real Arab courage
Their weapons are part of their souls
They sacrifice their fortune and children because of their land

Repeat chorus:
We will write them a telegram and send a message
"Long live the people of Fallujha, the strongest men”

People still get telegrams? What is this, 1880?


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