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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Thursday, November 18, 2004

What to do about those Sunni Arabs?

Anthony Shahid reports on the trouble in the Sunni Arab portion of Mosul. The Fallujehn Arab Sunni cleric Abdullah Janabi has vowed to turn Iraq "into one big Fallujeh". He says,

"The Americans have opened the gates of hell".

Yes, and when we did, we found the imp Janabi grinning back at us.

Only a 1000 of the 5000 police force in Mosul have returned to their posts.

Gen. George Casey says,

"Fallujah is no longer a terrorist safe haven. That's a major accomplishment with the Iraqi security forces and for the coalition forces, and it's a major way ahead for Iraq."

Perhaps. But what do to about the haven the Sunni Arabs are making for the terrorists in their hearts? How many Sunni Arabs cities will have to be levelled before they agree to sign on to Iraq's future?


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