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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Saturday, November 20, 2004

There's a moral here if you can just see it...

Okay. In These Times published an article by Rashid Khalidi. It's a story of Fallujah fighting against a western imperialist colonizer (the British) in 1920. The British bombed it indiscriminately. Of course the British were driven out. Moral? The US clearing out of the terrorists from Fallujeh proves that attempt to bring democracy to Iraq is doomed.

But Iraq the Model has pointed out one lil' ol' problem with this fable. It ain't true.

I'll add something else that doesn't fit. The Marines and the ING are not bombing Fallujeh indiscriminately. They're taking out the terrorists house to house, mosque to mosque, school to school, hospital to hospital. When the ghouls wander out into the streets, the Marines are taking them out with snipers -- the most discriminating of methods in the world.

Then there's that small insignificant point that the US isn't an Empire and it isn't a colonizer.


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