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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Thursday, November 18, 2004

New Post at Big Phaeroh

GM is back from his trip and seems to agree with me (and many many others) about the Sunni problem in Iraq:
As for Iraq, it appears that there is a mega problem with the Sunnis. I can roughly assume that Sunnis in Iraq are divided into 2 segments: people who need a leader and people who do not need a leader. Those who do not need a leader are the secularist Sunnis and the educated who will follow their minds and go out to vote next January (provided that they go to the polls alive). In addition, they own the blogs we read everyday. Those who need a leader are leaderless. They are religious and they are upset that now after hundreds upon hundreds of years Shias suddenly became a major force in Iraq. Not all of them are insurgents of course, but support for insurgents is considerable among this group.

Shias have Sistani, Kurds have the 2 major parties, Sunnis who need a leader have a leader in prison. Those who claim to represent the Sunni population are either terrorists, Sunni clerics who sympathize with terrorists, and Islamic parties that felt the crush when Fallujah was attacked. Up until now no Sunni who can have a major influence stood up and said “OK, it’s over, Saddam is over, all out Sunni rule over Iraq is over, if we wanna have a stake in this country, we better drop the gun and pick up the ballot.”


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