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Cry Me A Riverbend II

Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Continuing War Against Terrorists In Iraq

  • Ramadi: U.S. troops kill 9 and wound 4 terrorists (if the AP is going to refer to all terrorist casualties as "Iraqis", then I'm going to just count them all as terrorist kills)
  • Mosul: 30 suspected terrorists arrested. 4 decapitated bodies found. 9 ING casually captured and executed by terrorists (7 were also decapitated).
  • Fallujeh: Terrorists waved a white flag of surrender before opening fire on U.S. troops and causing casualties
  • Kirkut: Terrorists blew up an oil well (sixth such attack in last 10 days)
  • In Baqouba: Terrorists murder an Iraqi police colonel and his driver
  • Qaim: Terrorists mortar a U.S. base causing no casualties
  • Baghdad: Terrorists kill 4 employees (one a woman) of the Iraqi Ministry of Public Works (three worked in the office in charge of urban planning.
  • A homocide bomber blew himself up on a busy commercial street, killing 1 civilian and injuring another.
  • Baghdad (Amiriyah): 3 ING killed by roadsides bombs
  • Baghdad: 1 US soldier Killed, 9 wound in ambush
  • Baghdad: 5 US soldiers killed by "car bombing" (homocide bomber?)
  • Baghdad (Tamim): U.S. troops sealed off roads and launched a house-to-house search as loud speakers urge residents to hand over the any terrorists.
  • Germany and the United States announced agreement on a deal forgiving 80 percent of Iraq's foreign debt
  • The United States has been pushing for a generous write-off of as much as 95 percent of Iraq's debt.


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